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Class times

School commences at 8.50 am and concludes at 3.00 pm. During this time various bells will sound to indicate lunch, play and return to class. No child should arrive at school before 8.00 am and parents need to be aware that there are no teachers rostered on duty before school classes commence for the day.


Time​ ​Session
​8.50 am (8.45 am get ready bell) ​ClassBbegins
​8.50 am - 10.50 am ​First Session
​10.50 am - 11.30 am (11.25 am get ready bell) ​Lunch
​11.30 am - 1.00 pm ​Middle Session
1.00 pm - 1.40 pm (1.35 pm get ready bell)​ ​Afternoon Recess
​1.40 pm - 3.00 pm ​Afternoon Session
​3.00 pm ​End of Day